About Us

Welcome to Angelic Opportunities, the premier blog for tips and advice on winning scholarships, fellowships, and grants. Our goal is to provide aspiring students with the resources they need to fund their education.

Angelic Opportunities was founded in 2021 by Sam Unleash, a former scholarship recipient passionate about helping others achieve their academic dreams. As a first-generation college student from a low-income background, Sam relied on scholarships to afford his university tuition. After going through the demanding application process himself, he wanted to share insider tips to increase others’ chances of securing financial aid.

The Angelic Opportunities blog features step-by-step guides on finding scholarships, crafting compelling applications, getting glowing recommendation letters, acing interviews, and more. All articles are researched and written by Sam and his team. As an experienced scholarship winner, Sam provides advice tailored to students based on what he learned going through the process successfully.

Angelic Opportunities aims to level the playing field and make scholarship, feloowships and grants success attainable for all dedicated students, regardless of their circumstances. Our blog empowers students with the knowledge needed to craft applications that stand out and get noticed by committees. We believe every motivated student deserves a shot at an outstanding education.

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